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A Day


Directed by: Danielle Karagannis

Running Time: 15 min

Country: USA 

A Day follows an endearing child, Kit, who goes about her typical routine amongst a rapidly changing Hollywood.

A Love Letter for the End of the World


Directed by: Alexi Scheiber

Running Time: 4 min

Country: USA

A film which grapples with the question of how to live fully on a dying Earth.

The Lost Sound


Directed by: Steffie Yee

Running Time: 2 min

Country: Australia

a woman looks at the matrilineal inheritance of linguistic tones in her family, mourning the parts of languages that become extinct through semantic evolution.



Directed byKailey & Sam Spear

Running Time: 14 min

Country: Canada

After a violent incident between an AI nanny and her employer, an investigative team must determine what caused the attack.

Come On In


Directed by: Jody Lauren Miller

Running Time: 7 min

Country: USA

Beverly is an upbeat woman hell-bent on having a meaningful relationship. But as she talks on the phone with an unknown caller, we slowly learn that Beverly isn’t all that she seems.

One Small Step


Directed by: Aqsa Altaf

Running Time: 13 min

Country: USA

A 9-year-old girl attempts to juggle the responsibilities of school and her younger siblings after her mother goes missing.

The Agency


Directed by: Mac Montero

Running Time: 10 min

Country: UK

The Agency is the best place to purchase a husband, and Mrs. Hold thought it would be fun to head down and get a new one today.



Directed by: Sarah K. Reimers

Running Time: 11 min

Country: USA

A mysterious & violent encounter sends a dog on a night of adventure and possibility.

Atomic Spot


Directed by: Stéphanie Cabdevila

Running Time: 15 min

Country: France

Left for dead after the A307 plane crash on their nuclear plant, the workers of a small coastal city have undergone a series of mutations.

The Last Walk


Directed by: Anna Hoover

Running Time: 14 min

Country: USA

A woman journeys out into the vast and unforgiving wilderness in search of her sister who has been exiled for a negligent act that resulted in tragedy.

Please Translate


Directed by: Kelsy Lua

Running Time: 6 min 

Country: USA

Language divides but eventually bridges the relationship between a mother (Wang Yu) and her daughter (Mei Lan). A film about sacrifice, hardships, and ultimately a mother's love.

Mouth of Truth


Directed by: Barbara Vekarić

Running Time: 18 min

Country: Croatia

A listening ear is also a running mouth.



Directed byKat Cole

Running Time: 10 min

Country: Hawaii

After an unexpected encounter in Waikiki, a young girl explores her sexuality in secret, causing new rifts between her and her religious Filipino family.

Nora Ephron Goes to Prison


Directed by: Hannah Elless

Running Time: 8 min

Country: USA

Friendship transcends fantasy in this musicalized love letter to Nora Ephron and New York City.



Directed by: Clarissa Lam & Olivia Dorrance

Running Time: 7 min

Country: USA

Euphoria makes everything feel better, but what if you want to feel what's real?

The Last Vacation


Directed by: Ryan Ann Davis

Running Time: 1 min

Country: USA

An old slideshow reveals the dark evidence of a beach vacation that took a turn for the worse.



Directed by: Catherine Fordham

Running Time: 6 min

Country: USA

A young woman’s fiercest self takes over to fight for her life when’s she attacked.

Are We Good Parents?


Directed by: Bola Ogun

Running Time: 9 min

Country: USA

Lauren and Bill question their preconceived notions of their 14-year-old daughter's sexuality and their openness as parents.

A Sari for Pallavi


Directed by: Kate Chamuris

Running Time: 10 min

Country: USA

When Traditional Thini gets into a fight with her cousin Promiscuous Pallavi over what to wear to an Indian wedding, a hilarious culture clash unravels.

ME 3.769


Directed by: Elaine Del Valle

Running Time: 9 min

Country: USA

A pubescent Latina looks forward to her maturing body, but must soon cope with the sexual misconduct of someone she trusts.



Directed byFoster Wilson

Running Time: 9 min

Country: USA

Armed with an electric mixer, a Mysterious Woman gives Naked Man the battering of his life, but the sexy interrogation brings up feelings that are hard to swallow.



Directed by: Clare Maceda

Running Time: 12 min

Country: USA

A young girl deals with her grief with the help of a new friend.

Rhonna & Donna


Directed by: Daina Oniunas-Pusić

Running Time: 16 min

Country: UK

Rhonna and Donna are conjoined twin teenage sisters who are having their biggest fight to date. Donna is playing Juliet in their school's production of Romeo and Juliet while Rhonna wants nothing to do with it...

Lady M


Directed by: Tammy Riley-Smith

Running Time: 12 min 

Country: UK

Hell hath no fury like an older woman scorned.



Directed by: Cidney Hue

Running Time: 8 min

Country: USA

In the near future, a woman must make a life-changing decision after a mind-bending procedure.

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