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March 19, 2019

February 8, 2019

Women And Hollywood - Inaugural COVEN Film Festival To Screen Shorts From Women Filmmakers

January 17, 2019


Overall Rating
Sarah K. Reimers

This is a first-class festival! Thoughtfully hosted and carefully curated. The communication was excellent and I met some wonderful film-makers from all over the U.S. This is a film-festival designed by film-makers who've been to A LOT of festivals and know what works and what doesn't. They also put a lot of energy into building and supporting their community. I can't recommend COVEN highly enough.

Elaine Del Valle

Fabulous! I can’t say enough about the team and the intention. I loved all the films and the power behind all of the people. It’s also in historic japan town and if you can get there early or stay a day later it’s great. I applaud this fest and loved everyone I met there!

Alexi Scheiber

Wow! Going to Coven will be a precious memory to me for a long time. The organizers were generous, hardworking, intersectional feminists. Everything was amazing, but let’s break it down: 
-curation: amazing films with diverse leads, narrative structures, genres, and directors. Not a single dud. 
-networking: what a positive atmosphere of people who wanted to uplift women! Got a lot of business cards I still have to write messages to. 
-the venue and hotel were awesome, it was also great to meet Native activists and learn about the lands history. 
-even the application: it was great to have a women’s film fest acknowledging that our films didn’t have to be explicitly about womanhood (many are limited in this way), and that the application fee was affordable! 

Jody Miller

Coven started out right and got even "righter"! The communication prior to the fest was TOP NOTCH. They were always accessible & patient - even answering the most novice questions if we had em prior to the fest and to say Melinda and her team were accommodating is an understatement. 

And things just got more amazing from there. The second we walked into the Kabuki Hotel (which was kick-a** btw) we were greeted with "Hey! We know you guys!", which made us feel amazing, welcome and expected.

Hotel accommodations were top notch and very cool. The filmmakers lounge was in the KABUKI as well and provided every snack and supply you would need. Meals were provided throughout the day and pretty damn good.

The hotel is located half a block from the theater. So let's talk about the theater. Wow!!!! Your film will look and sound GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! We were blown away by this state of the art tech and we were VERY honored to say we have screened there. You will be SO proud to see your film on that screen!!!!

I would love to go on and on about this entire experience ... but ill try to sum it up ... Second to NONE. Wonderfully curated (the level of talent was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! and an honor to be among), networking was so fun, the ENTIRE Coven team is a gang of badass humans who are passionate, talented, caring and fkn daring. This will be a "destination festival" without a doubt! I'm gonna work hard to be able to come back thats for sure. 

Thank you Coven.

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